The first installment of San Holo's forthcoming project, Stay Vibrant, has arrived and it's the perfect song for the moment. Titled "(if only i could) hold you," the melancholic track arrives during a period of mass quarantine and social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

San Holo (real name Sander van Dijck) addressed the song’s timeliness by stating he would be releasing music "every week for a while." Much like the rest of the music industry, the producer has had to cancel a slew of shows as a result of the pandemic. The resulting body of new music will be titled Stay Vibrant.

As evidenced by the single, it seems van Dijk is seizing the opportunity to make some of his most authentic work to date. In his recent statement the producer noted he will be creating this music "on the fly" and won't be overthinking it. 

We'll see what happens in coming weeks as San Holo continues to cut through the red tape with his latest project.