San Holo and Outkast got this special thing going on.

There's certain songs that are almost untouchable. They’re so brilliant in their own right that it’s downright disrespectful to make an edit/cover/remix that’s anything less than spectacular. It's like a movie studio remaking Scarface… you just don’t do it. (please god don’t let this happen)

Take Ms. Jackson" by Outkast, if someone did this one dirty they’d have to apologize a trillion times. Not only is it one of the biggest hip-hop songs ever, it’s a track from arguably the greatest rap duo of all time. Enter San Holo. He decided to take on this enormous challenge by giving Ms. Jackson a spin. We all know San Holo is one of the best artists in the game, but can he pay homage to the ATLiens? (Spoiler Alert: 100% yes)

This remix is so fresh and so clean, that you might think Outkast made it themselves. San Holo perfectly captures the original essence of the song and spins it into an absolute dance floor killer. He combines some spacey keys with André 3000’s legendary chorus and makes a track that will make you not only dance your ass off, but sing your heart out as well.

This song has been on the internet for a while now, but It’s great to see this awesome remix finally get an official release. San Holo has no one to apologize to for this one. He absolutely crushed it, and is continuing to show the world he is for reaaaaaal!

I don’t know about you guys but ten times out of nine I’m putting this one on. Look out for this one on main stages all over the world this summer!


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