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San Holo is here to bless us as we’re all sitting inside our homes quarantined due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Dutch DJ/producer has released the last record of his stay vibrant collection, an EP he’s been adding one track to every week for the past two months. He began the project with the desire to release music that sounded genuine to himself, versus adapting to what it was he thought society wanted him to sound like.

The official music video for “staring at the sea without you next to me (ft. ILIVEHERE.)” begins overlooking a gorgeous beach, laying the foundation for the rest of the record. San describes in the YouTube description. “I wanted this track to sound like waves of the sea. Just take a moment today, close your eyes, and listen to this from front to back.”

In an exclusive quote provided to, San states, "The reason for the stay vibrant archives is to have a place where I can post music I make that doesn't necessarily belong to a project. As a musician, I make a lot of music and obviously there will be tracks that will fade away or drown at some point, which is a shame because I believe one of my strongest assets is the fact I can actually make music in all kinds of genres. That still have the San Holo feeling and emotion.”

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The EP is one of his most versatile collections to date, showcasing different facets of San Holo as a person and artist. Consisting of seven tracks total, this release is surely different from his usual, but arrives with the same familiar electric songs San Holo is known for. From its guitar-driven elements to its singer-songwriter demos, he proves his ability to create music that transcends all genres while holding dearly to his signature style and feeling.

“In 10 years, this might all be over I know I’d regret not using this platform to share my creations with the world and using the stay vibrant archive we make it very clear," he continued. "This doesn't belong to an album or campaign, it's a peek inside my musical mind.”

Besides releasing a new song every week, San has been bringing his fans together weekly on Twitch as well. Fans can tune in every Sunday to watch San’s pre-quarantine live-footage while coming together in the chat, truly bringing us all closer in a distant time.





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