Hailing from the Pacific-Northwest, the muti-talented producer Schuz (real name Spencer Schumacher) grew up playing the piano and was fully immersed in music throughout his life. Graduating from Point Blank Music School and subsequently landing a spot in ill.Gates coveted "Class of 808," Schuz has honed his sound into a fusion of bass, trap, and other dance elements that will take any listener on a journey through space and time. 

His latest release, the single "Stand By," is the quintessential example of Schuz's signature sound. Tribal elements collide with punchy, hard-hitting bass, and trap-inspired drums to bring the energy to the absolute melting-point. If transformers could have a drum circle around a cataclysmic bonfire, "Stand By" would almost certainly serve as the perfect soundtrack.

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Schuz at the Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle, Washington


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