The organizers of Dreamstate SoCal sent ripples through the EDM community when they announced that Seven Lions and Dimibo would debut their new psytrance project during the festival's 2019 edition. Amid the excitement, only a few caught wind of the new Abraxis song teaser shared by the former artist.

To be fair, though, Seven Lions (real name Jeff Montalvo) went to unconventional lengths to tease "Black Rainbow." It arrived at the end of a "Cognition Evaluation" survey on - and given its 8-bit format, it's difficult to imagine what the actual single might sound like.

Psytrance is the bread and butter of Seattle-based duo Dimibo, but that doesn't mean Montalvo's the odd man out. Despite his penchant for feels-heavy melodic dubstep, he's been known to wade into the waters of psytrance during DJ sets from time to time.

You can skip past the survey and listen to the teaser for Seven Lions and Dimibo's unreleased Abraxis single "Black Rainbow" here.

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