Though COVID-19 is the most recent challenge facing the human experience, 24-year-old producer Sistek (real name Adolfo Sistek) is reminding us that, even with all the world's changes, we still have love. 

Out now, "No Fair Game," released independently, is the latest from the Chilean producer, inspired by a tale of love gone awry. Made in collaboration with Tudor, the track is catchy and melodic, featuring warm undertones and anthemic vocals that provide a needed relief from social distancing boredom. 

“It really feels that the rules are f*cked sometimes. Everyone has felt that,” Sistek explained in a press release. 

“Love is a rigged game - a game in which sometimes we win, and sometimes we lose," Tudor added. 

"No Fair Game" is Sistek's second song off his debut EP, due this summer. The lead single, "Typo," was released this past January with Tudor and Swedish artist Discrete. Transforming a college career of making remixes into a full blown run into the professional electronic music world, Sistek first broke out with 2017's "Pitfalls," a pop-centric, tropical house single also made with Tudor. A young, promising musician from South America, he is still an independent artist.