If you're brimming with excitement in anticipation of Skrillex and Boys Noize's EP as Dog Blood, the duo have shared something of interest. The Dog Blood EP comes out this Friday, May 31st, but you can listen to a veritable wealth of their unreleased music in the CLAP BACK VOL 1 minimix.

In addition, diligent Redditors have served up a speculative tracklist. Sprinkled amongst as-yet-unreleased Dog Blood singles with titles like "Tom's Bro," "Break Law" and "Davey's Locker" and music by the likes of Daft Punk, The Prodigy and Raito are IDs aplenty.

Skrillex (real name Sonny Moore) and Boys Noize (real name Alexander Ridha) launched Dog Blood in 2012. The EP of their project's namesake marks their first release together in six years. As evidenced by songs they've recently played out live like "Turn Off The Lights" and "Midnight Hour," it will encapsulate a happy medium between Moore's textured bass and Ridha's dissonant style of techno.

Find the speculative tracklist for Dog Blood's CLAP BACK VOL 1 below.

  1. Dog Blood, josh pan, X&G - Tom's Bro [unreleased]
  2. Dog Blood - Next Order
  3. ID - ID
  4. Switch - A Bit Patchy
  5. ID - ID
  6. OYRYDE & Skrillex - AGEN WIDA
  7. JOYRYDE & Skrillex - AGEN WIDA VIP [unreleased]
  8. The Prodigy - Breathe
  9. Raito - Speaker Burner
  10. Format:B & DJ PP - In My House
  11. Hasse De Moor - Milkshake
  12. ID - ID (Acapella)
  13. Dog Blood - Turn Off The Lights (Ship Wrek Edit) [unreleased]
  14. Dog Blood - Turn Off The Lights
  15. IC3PEAK - Грустная Сука (Dog Blood Edit) [unreleased]
  16. Dilby - Rio Grande
  17. Dog Blood & Otira - Davy's Locker [unreleased]
  18. Murci - DEEP_INSIDE
  19. Daft Punk - One More Time
  20. Wiwek & Moksi - Masta
  21. Lil Texas - Total Knock Out
  22. Dog Blood - Break Law [unreleased]

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