"Buckets" is more unsettling compared to Skrillex and Elohim's last song.

Skrillex and Elohim's November, 2018 collaboration "Connect" apparently wasn't a one-off endeavor. Their follow-up single exhibits a much darker iteration of their sound, however. Titled "Buckets," it sees both artists explore more experimental sonic territory.

A trap/hip-hop beat structure meets with hard-hitting, grime-reminiscent synth work in "Buckets." Contrary to what you might expect, Elohim's vocal doesn't soften the tone of the track. Alternating between two juxtapose singing styles, she belts out edgy verses with reckless abandon in this unexpected single.

"2019 will be a year of unmasking, unveiling, and facing fears head on," said Elohim in a press release. "'Buckets' is the beginning. This piece is an emotional purge, a side of me I've never shared before. I am now ready. Are you?" 

"Buckets" by Elohim and Skrillex is out now via the latter artist's OWSLA imprint. Stream or download it across platforms here.

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