Skrillex's Utada Hikaru collaboration "Face My Fears" has been long overdue for a remix from the man himself. It appears he teamed up with Virtual Riot to reimagine the song - which served as the official Kingdom Hearts III theme - and tested it out during his set at Ultra Singapore last weekend.

Skrillex and Virtual Riot's remix of "Face My Fears" derives heavy influence from drum and bass during its buildup. That all changes at the drop, though. The eager audience was treated to a cacophonous jungle terror rhythm that, surprisingly enough, doesn't contrast too sharply with the sections that came before it.

The "Face My Fears" remix wasn't the only piece of new music Skrillex (real name Sonny Moore) played out in his performance. In addition to songs by the likes of Wiwek, Knife Party and Travis Scott, the full set is loaded with IDs.

Neither Skrillex nor Virtual Riot have announced a release date for their remix of "Face My Fears" at the time of writing.