Though still vastly enshrouded in mystery, rising artist 1788-l continues to persevere into mainstream electronic consciousness led by memorable original releases and augmented remixes. Having recently joined Illenium and Said The Sky on "The Sound of Where'd You Go" last month, 1788-l has turned his attention to transforming Skrillex's beloved "Would You Rather" with Poo Bear.

Despite a short tenure thus far, from the start 1788-l has never shied away from remixing dance music's biggest records. From Daft Punk to Kraftwerk, and now Skrillex, 1788-l has continued to ambitiously mesh his dark and driving signature sound with the work of dance music's greats. With intricate vocal distortion and relentless bass lines, 1788-l overhauls "Would You Rather" completely shifting the tone and energy of the original. 

Continuing to demonstrate repeatable success, we're excited to see what the remainder of 2018 holds for one of this year's biggest breakout artists.