SLANDER just released their remix of Kill the Noise's "Jump Ya Body," featuring vocals by Mercedes. The duo teamed up with up-and-coming Canadian producer Tucker Kreway for the remix, which opens with the reggae electro intro-almost fooling listeners into believing this will be a chill-before building to a drop that intermingles stabbing, machine gun-eque synths with grinding basslines. 

"Kill The Noise has always been a huge influence of ours over the years! After doing our remix for his album back in 2016 we knew we had to do another one sometime in the future and we felt 'Jump Ya Body' was the perfect song to update and put our spin on!," says SLANDER about the remix, which they are releasing as a free download. "Also, it was a privilege to work together with Tucker Kreway on this one! He's an incredible upcoming talent from Canada and everyone should check out his music!

Following the release of their latest track "So Long", a song on the complete opposite spectrum of this remix, the guys are back breaking our necks. 

Keep your ears peeled for these two, I'm sure they aren't done giving us a full range of electronic music quite yet.