Slushii (real name Julian Scanlan) is gearing up for festival season early, and he's released the lead single, “Candy Flip” off his forthcoming EP. No official release date for the effort has been announced at the time of writing.

“Candy Flip” has been a secret weapon in Scanlan’s sets ever since he premiered it at OMG Oh My Ghost Festival in Bangkok last October. He built even more anticipation for the hypnotizing track by including it in his "2019 End Of Year Mix" comprised of mostly unreleased music.

On January 5th, when a fan asked about new music, Scanlan replied in binary code that translated to “soon.” Shortly afterwards, the 22-year-old producer tweeted out a string of riddles that would eventually lead to a Dropbox folder that had the official release date for “Candy Flip.”

Fans have speculated about the secret ID since its October premiere, even referring to it as “Brain Melter.” The trap-infused single showcases a heavier side to Scanlan’s dreamlike signature sound. Being that “Candy Flip” is the lead single off his upcoming EP, it is possible the other tracks featured will also lean towards a grittier, hard-hitting style. 

Just a few months ago Scanlan announced his side project, sapientdreams, with the release of an album titled Dream II. With the effort, Scanlan said the project would focus on downtempo and ambient music. The distinction drawn between these two monikers hints that Slushii’s upcoming releases will be bass heavy.

Stream or download "Candy Flip" today.

Candy Flip Album Art