Slushii sent fans on a scavenger hunt to reveal that new music is on the way. The riddles started with a tweet from a fan asking when new music would arrive, prompting the young artist to reply "soon." in binary. He would then tweet out a long string of binary code officially starting the hunt. 

Unless you're a robot, the attached tweet probably doesn't mean much to you. Fans are encouraged to copy and paste the 1s and 0s into an online binary translator and follow the attached clues. This leads to a text document with a message from the gamemaster himself and steps on how to solve the puzzle.

For those who don't feel like solving the riddle on their own, a fan shared the steps needed to gain access to the password-protected folder at the end. 

In the secret folder is a short teaser video formally announcing "Candy Flip" and revealing its release date. Fans won't have to wait too much longer as the new music from Slushii is slated to release on January 23rd.