Slushii Drops "Watch Yo Back" on Monstercat - - The Latest Electronic Dance Music News, Reviews & Artists

Los Angeles-based producer Slushii (real name Julian Scanlan) released his latest album DREAM in 2018, and has since followed it up with impressive singles "Dreaming Of You" and "Far Away" on Monstercat. Now, he's back with a brand new banger called "Watch Yo Back."

Scanlan's latest brings a heavier vibe than "Far Away" and "Dreaming Of You," which are more melodic selections. "Watch Yo Back" fuses elements of dubstep and hybrid trap very effectively, creating energy that leads out of the melodic breakdowns and buildups perfectly. 

The accompanying music video is quite trippy as well. With animation style slightly reminiscent of a Ralph Bakshi work, the vibrant colors and mind-bending animations are a great addition to the energy of the track itself. The animations display everything from Slushii's icon to expanding heads, melting bananas, and everything in between. 

"Watch Yo Back" is the leadoff track for the new EP, and we highly recommend checking out the new records "Test Me" with Dion Timmer, and "I'd Do Anything" featuring Aviella. 

Slushii's "Watch Yo Back" is out now via Monstercat and can be found here.