Spag Heddy (real name Mischa Reining) has released his latest EP, The Armageddy, via SKisM's Never Say Die label. 

As fans would expect, The Armageddy is packed to the brim with heavy dubstep heaters. Reining opens the EP with his previously released single, "Stupid-O," that's certainly going to remain a staple in his sets. "Raise Ur Hands" is next on the block, making use of a catchy pre-drop vocal that fans won't quickly forget. "Bass Goes Boom" enters the fray a bit more melodic than the previous tracks, dropping into an enticing mess of synths. 

"Dojo" winds things back into a more menacing vibe before hitting listeners with yet another sinister drop. Things heat up in the second drop, however, as the track takes a turn into hardcore. Finally, "Robot Song" hits listeners with gear-turning percussion and slimy synths straight out of a video game. The Armageddy EP is exactly what fans have been craving from Reining, as he's taken his signature bass-focused sound to the next level.

Reining has solidified himself as a dubstep mainstay, consistently debuting tracks that remain in the festival circuit for years. Last year, he released his hit track "Zoom" as well as his single "Noodle Neck" with Rico Act. His Armageddy Tour has already hit the road with upcoming stops in Dallas, Houston and Boca Raton. Find tickets here





You Heard It Here First: "Stupid-O" from Spag Heddy's Upcoming EP

The Armageddy EP is slated for official release on February 7th.


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