For the past few months, the DIRTYBIRD crew has put out nothing but quality tracks. The newest addition to the roster is Steve Darko, who just made his debut on DIRTYBIRD this past week.

If you're unfamiliar with Steve Darko, he's a software developer for Izotope, one of the leading music plug-in companies in the industry. Throughout his career, Darko has had a hand in programs like Ozone 6 through 8, Newtron 1 & 2, Nectar 2, Break tweaker, and DDLY — all staple plug-ins of Izotope.

‘Fried Or Fertilized’ is a two-track EP including "Fried Or Fertilized" as well as "Thumbs" featuring Uncle Kev. Both tunes are exemplary of the DIRTYBIRD sound— fun, and nonetheless flawlessly produced. Funky synths and strange vocals are at the core of the EP, culminating in Steve's debut on the notorious imprint.

Check out the new tracks below!