We've been eagerly awaiting the next piece of musical magic from critically acclaimed, publicly shamed, and often-blamed artist STICKYFANGAZ (real name Sean Tooley). That moment finally arrived at the end of last week with the release of his newest record: the absolutely wild follow-up to his previous release, the glitchy, trap-infused track "Zippa."

Stepping up his game with what is undoubtedly one of his stickiest tracks to date, STICKYFANGAZ grabbed the mic and dropped two killer and completely unexpected verses in his fresh, Dr. Seuss-inspired single, "TOPSITURVI."

Combined with two tongue-twisting, brain-bubbling, sensory-defying drops, STICKYFANGAZ boldly moves forward with what is surely his deepest foray into the whimsical side of electronmusic.

For those looking to immerse themselves completely in the weirdly wonderful world of STICKYFANGAZ, check out the full-length music video for "TOPSITURVI" below!

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