Maya Hawke, one of the young stars of the hit Netflix original science fiction drama series "Stranger Things," has thrown her hat into the music scene. While it isn't quite electronic music, she boasts an undeniably smooth pop sound.

Hawke, who portrays the spunky Robin Buckley, debuted in August 2019 with her two-track To Love a Boy / Stay Open EP on Secret Sun Recordings before releasing her first song of 2020 in March, "By Myself." Today she dropped the curtain on her new single "Coverage," a brooding dream-pop ballad.

Since its first season aired back in July 2016, "Stranger Things" has percolated through the dance music industry. Its eerie, 80's-inspired synth-pop theme song presented a mouthwatering remix opportunity for electronic producers around the world.

deadmau5, Louis Futon, and many more have offered their interpretations, but What So Not's remix was perhaps the biggest. He captivated and teased festival crowds for months before releasing it to coincide with the third season, which Hawke starred in.

In a quote provided to NME, Hawke waxed poetic about her creative endeavors. “It wasn’t about creating a new music career for myself," she said. "It was about having a new way to creatively express myself and making new friends, like my band."

Hawke's forthcoming Blush LP drops on June 19th, 2020.