During a recent Twitch livestream, Subtronics played an unreleased track said to be a NGHTMRE collab that sent fans into a frenzy. Naturally, a fan clipped a portion of the stream and shared it on his page. 

While the fan was correct about the members involved, a crucial detail was finally unveiled. Not only was the track a collaboration between the two artists, but Boogie T is also in the mix, completing a trifecta of bass music stars. On Twitter, Subtronics (real name Jesse Kardon) retweeted the video and revealed Boogie T's involvement.

In the clip, you can hear a portion of the new tune. You can hear what appears to be the vocal stylings of the multi-talented Boogie T alongside precise, overwhelming bass that the trio has made a career out of. While this will mark the first collaboration between Subtronics and NGHTMRE, the former has released multiple collaborations with Boogie T. 

At the time of writing, none of the artists involved have announced a title or release date for their upcoming super-collaboration.


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