Arguably the fastest-rising name in dubstep, Subtronics has been on an absolute tear in recent months. The Philadelphia talent took the opportunity test out an unreleased song titled "Scream Saver" during a performance at the Roxian Theatre in his hometown on the evening of February 9th.

Subtronics (real name Jesse Kardon) tweeted a video of himself playing the track during the stop on his Cyclops Invasion Tour. Cutting through a suspenseful buildup is an 8-bit-inspired flourish of synths counterbalanced by enough bass to rattle the walls of any venue where it's cued up.

After making a name for himself with his now-discontinued Now That's What I Call Riddim mix series, Kardon further cemented himself as one to watch with notable 2019 collaborations. Among them were "Bounce" with Rusko, "Bumpy Teeth" with Zeds Dead, and a yet-to-be-released single with Excision.

Kardon has yet to announce the official release date for "Scream Saver" at the time of writing.

H/T: Your EDM