SVDDEN DEATH has joined forces with a figure near and dear to bass heads for his latest track. He already boasts a list collaborators strong enough to include Marshmello and (potentiallyRezz, and “Deathmatch” sees him add Snails to it.

The hard-hitting single exhibits the SFX-heavy style of dubstep for which SVDDEN DEATH (real name Danny Howland) has emerged as mainstay of the EDM world in recent years. Mixed in is the distinctive “vomitstep” sound championed by Snails (real name Frédérik Durand), resulting in a soundscape sure to get rinsed by countless dubstep DJs - either during quarantine sets or actual festivals, COVID-19 permitting.

Durand’s collaboration with Howland is but one of many he’s delivered as of late. His late 2019 EP, World of Slime, saw him join forces with Subtronics, Kill The Noise, Barely Alive and others.

Make sure to check out the absolutely insane beatbox cover by Azel Beatbox - how does a human even make those sounds!??

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Stream or download “Deathmatch” by SVDDEN DEATH and Snails across platforms here.






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