Ahead of the release of his upcoming EP, Palomino, Swardy was kind enough to share the title track with us one day early. During a time of artistic uncertainty, he packed his bags and moved to Colombia for a half-year adventure. While he had a very successful career with his previous group, The M Machine, Swardy was unsure if a musical project was the next step for him. Luckily for fans of his solo work, the gorgeous tropical environment allowed him to shake off any doubt and harness his impressive songwriting abilities. While in the zone, he developed some of his most stunning work to date, including Palomino.

On the title track, Swardy transports listeners to the idyllic world that inspired it, producing a steady beat and some truly funky bass before introducing twinkling keys reminiscent of stars illuminating the clear night sky. After becoming acquainted with the tune, the sound shifts our vision to the stars as the vocals, which ooze with nostalgia, make a wish to go back to simpler times amidst all the uncertainty in the world today. 

Fans of his breakout single "Here On My Own," which was recently featured in Porter Robinson's headline Secret Sky Music Festival performance, will feel right at home with the downtempo nature and darling vocals of "Palomino." Bittersweet and ethereal, Swardy has yet again delivered the perfect soundtrack for late-night introspection.

Swardy's four-track EP, Palomino, will transport us to the beach on Tuesday, May 12th. Stay tuned, as more surprises surrounding the upcoming EP are on the way.