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Fans of the otherworldly bass crafter, SWARM, are still trying to shake the horror that his March EP, Eat Me Alive, inspired. Fortunately for the nightmare chasers out there, he's made his return to the airwaves in the form of a new collaboration with Caster called "Blood."

As haunting as it is mechanical, "Blood" showcases the duo's innate ability to tell complex tales with each bassline. Fusing orchestral notes with an aggressive, pounding beat, closing your eyes while listening to "Blood" transports you to a rave in a 16th central cathedral.

In a quote provided to, SWARM explained how his latest offering continues the story he told back in March and how working with Caster was a great experience. "Blood feels like a natural progression from my last EP 'Eat Me Alive,' he said. "It retains that otherworldly gritty SWARM feel and staying authentic while simultaneously exploring genres that aren’t normally heard in my music. Caster really inspires me and he made it very easy to bring the song to life."

He also went on to describe how his love for many different genres of music inspires his constantly-evolving sound while maintaining the distinct attributes that make up a SWARM nightmare. "Above all else, it’s really important to me that when people hear a new song of mine, even if it’s not something they expect to hear, they can say 'that sounds like SWARM.' I love so many different kinds of music and I hope it always shows in my own."

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"Blood" by SWARM and Caster is out now. You can download or stream the atmospheric hellscape here







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