The dark disciple SWARM has unleashed his latest nightmare in the form of a six-track EP. It's titled Eat Me Alive and sees the up-and-coming artist flex his production capabilities to create a story that's at once terrifying and uplifting.

While many artists feature dramatic openings, SWARM (real name Brandon Carroll) takes things a step further with a near-Hollywood-level introduction. Gentle yet haunting vocals accompanied by dramatic tones seemingly performed by an undead orchestra tell the tale of a battle with demons living inside one's mind. 

Bass music fans will feel right at home with Eat Me Alive, but Carroll doesn't limit himself to a single genre. With help from artists like Soundr, TINYKVT, and Social Kid he explores the realms of psytrance, metalcore, and industrial to create something truly unique and perfect for the story he tells.

On the outside, the dark, mechanical bass lines and horror movie-esque atmosphere might make you think that the monsters emerge victorious in this tale. If you really take in the lyrics, however, you realize that this is a tale of defeating the darkness even if that means embracing it just a little.  

When asked about Eat Me Alive, Carroll explained that while its themes can seem bleak and full of despair, they emulate feelings everyone goes through and that you're never alone in your fight. In his own words: 

Eat Me Alive is everything I want SWARM to be: intense, creepy, disturbing, and most of all real. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been attracted to dark music. One of the things I love so much about it is that everyone can relate in some way. We all get sad, angry, or intensely emotional. We all go through dark times. I think one of the worst effects of depression is that it tends to make you feel like you are completely alone, like you are the only one that feels that way. You’re not. 

Putting emphasis on wanting the listener to feel something real, he later explained that he wants this to be much more than your standard EDM banger. He went on:

I wanted to create something that lasts longer than EDM. Years down the road, I want you to be able to listen to this and feel something. Whether you’re happy, sad, angry or somewhere in between, I want you to be able to enjoy this EP. 

After recently finishing the Thank You For Raging tour with Sullivan King, Carroll is on track to have his biggest year to date. In case the EP wasn't evidence enough, it was recently announced that he will perform at Excision's Pacific Northwest festival Bass Canyon at the Gorge Amphitheatre in George, Washington.

Eat Me Alive by SWARM is out now. You can download or stream the latest haunt from the Florida-based talent here. In addition to the new EP, for those old enough to miss the days of reading the booklets attached to your favorite albums, he's released a digital booklet featuring the lyrics from the album alongside art to help the more visual listeners get in the mood.