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SWARM has taken up arms and is ready to face his demons—both internal and external.

Known for his ability to cross genres while making dramatic music that should really be considered for the sequel to Elden Ring, SWARM has returned with one of his most powerful releases to date. Released today was "Say Goodbye," a vivid track that displays SWARM's ability to overcome any obstacle in his path.

A gentle twinkling opens the track as the morning dew forms over the battlefield. Gritty, scowling vocals and the sounds of sharpening blades drive the arrangement forward before distorted bass prepares the attack. Increasing the tempo, SWARM unsheathes his sword and dives into a huge drop filled with seismic bass and fierce metalcore vocals.

After a moment to regain his strength, the final half of the battle is illustrated by a frenetic, futuristic hardstyle bassline. This delivers an epic conclusion that will serve as a valuable piece in his arsenal as the fall festival season rapidly approaches.

SWARM also released an official music video to accompany "Say Goodbye." Featuring animations of enormous monsters from another realm, the video shows a magic-powered conflict that matches the scale of the gigantic tune.

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In a statement shared with, SWARM opened up about the difference between "Say Goodbye" and some of his other tracks. In the past, he's given more attention to his inner demons, he says, while this record sees him fighting those on the outside.

"This year has thrown so many curveballs at me that I have often felt like giving up," SWARM said. "Though my lyrics are always very real and very personal, this is the first time I have pointed the finger away from myself. Say Goodbye is about feeling like everything I’ve worked so hard to build is being destroyed in front of me, but choosing to move forward when everything inside of me says that it’s time to give up. I’m here to stay; the actions of others will simply not kill my passion for the music that I create."

You can stream the inspiring "Say Goodbye" here.





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