Electronic music producer Swayló has released “Angel of Light” on Insomniac Records' IN / ROTATION imprint as a means of honoring this lunar cycle. 

Seamlessly fusing tribal house beats and atmospheric textures, throughout the five-minute song Swayló brings his listeners on a mesmerizing and hypnotic journey. Channeling the spiritual and mystical realms, he seamlessly combines a myriad of earthy and organic tones from across the globe. The result is an otherworldly and groovy song to which you can easily vibe out. 

“I am releasing ‘Angel of Light’ on this full moon to remind you of your resilience and of the light that you are,” Swayló had to say of the release. “In times of darkness, create, for it will bring you back to your source.”


Swayló's ingenious production is replete with low end bass lines, hypnotic chants, hand percussion beats, and sweeping arpeggiations. Not only is “Angel of Light” a great dance song, it also taps into the spiritual realm, further solidifying Swayló's talents and persona.

In recent years, Swayló (real name Noah De St. Croix Kessler) has become known for his high-energy DJ sets rooted in ancient mysticism and symbolistic expression. Organizing his own movement called Swayló Nights, the producer has also offered ­­an immersive event experience that unites people together to share music and art with the goal of cultivating conscious community and encouraging connection, discovery, and expression. 


Facebook: facebook.com/pg/SwayloNights                                Instagram: instagram.com/swaylonights                  SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/swaylonights