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Right after heading out on tour as direct support for labelmates DROELOE, Belgian producer TASKA BLACK (real name Joachim Gorrebeeck) just released his latest single, “Comedown.” Out via fellow artist San Holo’s label bitbird, the track marks Gorrebeeck’s first release after 2019’s “Backwards Love” featuring TRACE. To fans’ delight it was worth the wait, as it's one of the artist’s brightest releases to date.

“Comedown,” which thematically explores the highs and lows of a life in the spotlight, immediately gets into action with a catchy female vocal, while heavenly synth and guitar-driven atmospheres build up the energy. It all seamlessly leads into the chorus, where the beautiful instrumental fully uncovers itself with the help of trap-inspired drum work, making up a beautiful pop and electronic crossover.

“I wrote 'Comedown' when I had just been back from three months being on the road on and off and was back in the US to write new music,” explained Gorrebeeck to fans in a social media post. “I spent a lot of time alone in hotel rooms, eating dinner by myself, sitting on the plane or airports by myself. Sometimes I forgot why I was doing all of this, if it was worth giving up my family and friends. That’s what we ended up writing about. 'Is the high worth the pain of the comedown' literally translates what I was feeling the time.”

One of the most prominent acts to come out of bitbird, TASKA BLACK has cemented himself as a name to watch over the past years while also releasing music with the likes of Monstercat, Seeking Blue, STMPD RCRDS and more.


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