Belgium-based artist and producer Taska Black has cemented himself as a notable figure within the world of dance music over the past years, releasing classy singles that blend pop and electronic elements in a distinct way. In 2020 he lent his remix talents to a number of high-profile artists, including viral digital influencer Miquela, as well as shared a slew of stunning originals.

Now, Taska Black is showcasing his talents once again in his first single of the year, teaming up with Los Angeles native Emma Sameth to release “Heavy Hearted,” which was co-written with Australian talent Golden Vessel. A nostalgic, soothing ballad, “Heavy Hearted” is driven by vibrant piano chords and subtle atmospheres, while Sameth’s angelic vocals tell the story of someone whose identity has changed to conform to modern life.

“When I first heard the demo that Emma initially wrote it felt like she was explaining things in my life that I hadn’t been able to put into words yet,” Taska Black said. “I sat down and started playing piano over the vocals and the lyrics and the story connected so naturally with me that the music almost wrote itself in my head. I intentionally left a lot of space for the vocals to breathe, it almost makes you reflect on your own life while listening.”

Check out “Heavy Hearted” below and find the track on streaming platforms here.







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