California native producer T’Challa King (real name Margis Lee Miles) has released the lead single off his forthcoming debut album, KING. The single, titled “U&I,” comes with an official music video shot in Downtown Los Angeles. 

Influenced by the sounds of Daft Punk, deadmau5, and Jack Ü, “U&I” blends together elements of dance, disco, and electro. The track incorporates a variety of instruments and different samples, something Miles attributes to the heavy influence Daft Punk has had on his career. “The longevity and timeless music they've produced over several decades is what I want for my career and my music,” he said. “Listening to their music over these years has taught me how to incorporate my live instrumentation into a song of any kind.”

One thing that sets Miles apart from other artists is his dedication to his craft. KING, which was written and produced over the course of 2019, was made entirely in his garage. “My buddies and I call it ‘The Cave’,” said Miles. “This album wasn't done in a big studio. I've used every instrument on the album. From sampling drums to playing guitars, down to my upright piano I've moved from inside my house into my garage.” 

Because of the energy and dedication put into crafting the music, Miles says that energy transfers to the listeners. “It shows proof that the power of music is real,” he said. “This album keeps the people dancing and spirits moving. There are moments with high energy, affection, praise, self-empowerment, and motivation.”

Despite his confidence, Miles says the biggest challenge he faced when writing KING was having faith in the lengthy and tedious process of producing a full-length album. “You can do whatever it is you set your mind to,” he said. “Two things are necessary: trusting the process and execution. Don’t waste your time dreaming about it too much, get out there and go after it.” 

A tracklist has not been officially released for KING, but Miles has teased his favorites from the album besides “U&I” are “Legend of Zorro” and “Private Jetz.” Fans can follow T’Challa King on his social media accounts via the links below to stay up to date on his upcoming releases.