Tchami's dreamy single "Adieu" gets the remix treatment from up-and-comer Heroless.

This is Heroless' second release following his remix of Vanic's "Too Soon". He is developing a lively future bass approach to his reworks, as seen on both his releases.

While the Tchami original is relaxed, gentle and progressive, Heroless takes the energy up a notch on his remix.

The hypnotic buildup is marked by buzzing basslines, vibrant plucks and simple drum work. The drop, a far cry from Tchami's version, is bass heavy - future bass style - with spirited vocal chops and an energetic atmosphere.

If you're a fan of future bass, this song should be right up your alley. Have a listen below:


Tchami (real name Martin Bresso) in blue light over an orange background.

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