Russian and Ukranian trio Teddy Killerz have been a staple in the neurofunk and drum & bass scene for quite some time now. Since 2012, the group has been cranking out some of the genre's heaviest and most imaginative sounds, like their remix of Skrillex and Damian Marley's "Make It Bun Dem," and their debut album Nightmare Street in 2017. The Killerz are now back with an explosive new EP.

Panic Attack is a four-song release that packs some serious punch. The title track kicks things off in a big way, with crunchy, grinding reese bass and some swingy drum breaks that give the track a unique groove. The vocal samples deepen the intensity, at one point claiming, "You're just gonna lose control," certifying that "Panic Attack" lives up to that statement. 

"Can't Stop Me" has a similar vivacity, with an eerie breakdown and build-up before epic bass synths take center stage at the drop. The third track, "Augmentation" takes a more experimental—but still very neurofunk—approach, calling to mind legendary acts like Noisia, Phace, or Mefjus. Its stabby and off-time bass notes move the track along in a bizarre but effective way. The Panic Attack EP closes on a grand note with "Shine," which, despite its name, retains the dark atmosphere of the release. "Shine" is more melodic in nature, but still just as vigorous as the rest of the EP, rounding it out in stunning fashion.

Teddy Killerz' Panic Attack EP is a testament to the trio's ability to consistently innovate their own sound, as well as push neurofunk forward with new ideas that don't shy away from experimenting, while remaining well-rooted within the genre. 

Panic Attack is out now via Neuropunk Records, and available here