Tep No's "Like A Virgin" on Ultra Music is a seductive and beautifully unique homage to Madonna's 1984 hit record.

Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer Tep No is a mysterious and as-of-yet anonymous alias whose music has been described as lush, subtle, seductive, and rich with emotion. A combination of sensual and nuanced songwriting paired with a distinctive knack for blissful, chilled-out production has contributed to Tep No's constant flow of top-notch, high-performing singles.

"I draw a lot of influences from really cheesy softcore porn music and Darude – 'Sandstorm,'" Tep No humorously noted when Music Crowns asked about his sources of inspiration. "That track is just great."

Boasting over 25 million online streams, six chart-topping hype machine releases, and a number of Spotify viral-charting hits, Tep No is an utterly unique rising star on the Ultra Records roster. His latest single, out today on Ultra, is a captivating homage to Madonna's now-legendary 1984 hit record, "Like A Virgin."

The record is based around the catchy and immediately recognizable "I'm feeling like a virgin" line, and is made into a certified easy listening gem through pairing Tep Lo's smooth and alluring vocals with a sublime weekend morning groove. If you're in the mood for a laid-back and emotional tune that is both calming and provocative, "Like A Virgin" is just the song for you.

Stream or Download "Like A Virgin" today.

Tep No - Like A Virgin (COVER ART) [Ultra Records]


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