The Chainsmokers get Their 'Break Up Every Night' Remixed by Two Friends - - The Latest Electronic Dance Music News, Reviews & Artists

The Chainsmokers' "Break Up Every Night" gets a tropical, vibey, future bass remix from Two Friends. You can download the remix for free here.

Two Friends were recently named as one of the most "underrated dance artists" in a Reddit thread. The Chainsmokers have been long time supporters of Two Friends and have asked them to remix the track, so the remix has been a long time coming now. Two Friends' sound is one of the most recognizable within the electronic music scene and have a reputation of being profound remixers. The friends will continue their momentum as they finish up their While We're Dancing tour and release new music in the future.

The remix features heavy synth pads, a prominent bass line, and a kick that walks around in the lower frequencies. Two Friends kept The Chainsmokers' feel and sound to the remix while implementing their signature sound. Two Friends, much like everyone else, don't want to let the summer feels go, either. This is a track to add to the road trip playlist. 

"We were really excited to get this opportunity to remix this song- the vocal lent itself to some fun re-imagining. Got out the guitar, added some sax, and tried to put a cool new spin on a song we've always been fans of. Shouts to The Chainsmokers, good dudes making good music." - Two Friends