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With their fourth studio album, CTRL ALT REALITY, The Glitch Mob are resetting expectations. 

The tenured electronic trio have always been very deliberate with their creative output. So when they returned with the announcement of their first album since 2018's See Without Eyes,  there was an immediate interest in how their latest chapter would unfold. 

The band spurred even more intrigue when they offered up a rather conceptual creative thesis. "This next chapter in our artistry is intended to get back to the music, the movement, the dance, the connection of body & sound," the group tweeted in September. "We are here to provide an audio experience you feel deep in your soul."

As with their prior long-form projects, it's apparent that the group were clear-eyed in formulating a cohesive vision for CTRL ALT REALITY. Notably, however, it's an album based around a passion for the cultural roots of dance music, and not necessarily the clean-cut feeling of calculated synchronicity which served as the backbone of their last few albums.

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With bubbling vocal chops and cascading, arpeggiated synths rolling atop of the track's breakbeat drums, the opener "All The People" evokes feelings of controlled chaos which remain relatively constant throughout the record. The invigorating pace continues throughout the first act onto tracks like "Antireal," which reintroduces the satisfyingly familiar sound of The Glitch Mob's signature, biting distortion into the mix.

There's a slight change of pace midway with "The Moment," a refreshing spin on old-school, piano-driven melodies that harken back to the heyday of the underground rave scenes in Chicago and Detroit. For the closer, "Higher," The Glitch Mob empty the tank with an exhilarating coda driven by stabbing rave chords and playfully pitched vocal chops.

While The Glitch Mob are leaning into a dramatic change of pace with their latest album, fans are likely to appreciate the group's sharp instincts and undying ability to weave cutting-edge instrumental tapestries that will never be replicated. Take a listen to the album below and stream it here.





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