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“Yahudky” (Bedouin Reworks) - DakhaBrakha

Bedouin’s latest EP is a tribute to the Ukrainian folk band DakhaBrakha.

“Back in 2012, we heard DakhaBrakha’s music for the first time and were immediately drawn to their authenticity and beautiful sound,” the melodic techno duo shared on the inspiration behind the tribute EP. “Their masterpieces inspired us and led to years of reworking and reimagining them into our own sonic perspective”

Off The Bedouin Reworks DakhaBrakha EP, “Yahudky” is mystic and melancholic. While a steady beat creates a dance-focused sound, DakhaBrakha’s yearning vocals and Bedouin’s wistful instrumentation ground the song, creating a hypnotic ambivalence that holds the ear through the track’s eight-minute length.

“Safe” (Hunter/Game Remix) - Øostil, USHNU

Tense build-ups and a driving bassline give Hunter/Game’s remix of “Safe” its menacing edge. The staggering synth that defines the original is elevated, holding center stage in the remix.

“Loss Of Hope” - Innellea

“Loss Of Hope” epitomizes the Innellea sound, a powerhouse blend of moody synths, rumbling bass, and dramatic melodies.

“Tangible” - Memo Rex

Memo Rex’s “Tangible” establishes an engaging motif within seconds of its opening. Through the course of the track, it morphs through varying lengths, instruments, and pitches in delectable motion.

“Skin” - Yotto, Laudic

Yotto strikes melodic house gold with “Skin,” fusing Laudic’s chilling vocals with rolling basslines and smooth arpeggios.

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dj diesel shaq

Listen to a Hyperactive Drum & Bass Mix From Shaq

DJ Diesel's mini-mix features originals and remixes from the likes of Nikademis, Macsen, Mylky and many more.

“Reset” (Fur Coat Remix) - Darin Epsilon, Galestian

A fierce groove and soaring chords power Fur Coat’s moody techno makeover of Darin Epsilon’s “RESET.”

“Veil” (Oliver Koletzki Remix) - Deorbiting

Oliver Koletzki’s remix of “Veil” preserves the dusky tint of the original. However, a strong kick and pulsating bass raise the energy of the remix, priming it for the dancefloor.

“Lll” (Ben Böhmer Remix) - Stephan Bodzin

Boavista, Stephan Bodzin’s latest album is a sprawling, 17-track, synth-laden journey. The official remix album consists of an even larger catalog, spanning 39 remixes from some of the biggest names in house and techno like Solomun, Adriatique, Maceo Plex, and Dubfire.

Nestled in the massive remix album is Ben Böhmer’s take on “LLL,” a grand composition of melodic basslines and theatrical chords. “Anyone who knows me knows how influential Stephan has been on my career and his faith in me to rework this personal track means a lot,” Böhmer shared on the remix.

“Shadows On The Wall” (Wild Dark Mix) - 16BL, Wild Dark

Wild Dark’s mix of their collaboration with 16BL, “Shadows On The Wall” pairs an infectious beat with pouring bass. Megan Morrison’s striking vocals complete the soundscape, adding a haunting touch to the melodic house track.

“Are You There?” (Falden Remix) - Jerro

Bright and breezy, Falden’s interpretation of Jerro’s “Are You There?” is a feel-good house anthem.


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