Last October, The Midnight surprised fans with the release of their Halloween EP, Horror Show. Unfortunately for many fans, the fantastic EP was only available to those who had an Amazon Music subscription, leaving some without access to the haunting throwback.

Thankfully, this exclusivity ended on Friday as the synthwave legends dropped the EP on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and beyond, giving fans endless ways to enjoy the release.

The re-release features all six tracks from the original including fan-favorites "Ghost in Your Stereo," Neon Medusa," "Good in Red," and their collaborative cover of Patti Smith Group's 1978 single "Because the Night" with Nikki Flores. As a special treat, they've also included a new edit of "Neon Medusa" and shared a video of them performing the track at their livestreamed event from last October.

Horror Show by The Midnight is out now on most major streaming platforms. You can download or stream the re-release of the duo's haunting Halloween EP here.





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