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Thanks to an extended—and deeply contemplative—hiatus from the industry, it's clear that Tommy Trash has reawakened his creative spirit.

The renowned DJ’s new single "Jaguwawa," a breezy deep house bop featuring his own voice, is a testament to that renewed sense of self. Trash wrote track, he said, after an all-night ayahuasca trip, emerging from the meditative experience with the lyrics top of mind.

"I wrote this song after a night-long ayahuasca trip, where I was having dinner with a few alien pals, before they invited me to go up into their spaceship," Trash said in a press statement. "The next day I wrote down 'Go up, go up in the light,' which would later become the lyrics for 'Jaguwawa.' I never intended to sing this song, but the further I went down the road, it felt authentic! I’m really proud of this tune and it sums up some of my recent journeys into the spirit world."

The Australian electronic music vet has been open about his affinity for the hallucinogenic brew, which he experimented with in shaman-led ceremonies during a three-year sabbatical in South America. The collective experience led him to produce 2021's "hiiigh," a hypnotic house track and the first to be released on deadmau5's hau5trap imprint.

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"I had been through some crazy times, and was dealing with some stuff that had really screwed with my mojo," Trash at the time. "I ended up heading to South America to do some ayahuasca ceremonies. Life-changing would be an understatement, to say the least. Aya really opened up my perception to a wider state of being and helped me refocus my life."

You can stream "Jaguwawa" here.





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