If there’s any producer who can effortlessly fuse an Indian love song with sleek, rousing trap music, it’s TroyBoi (real name Troy Henry).

“Aja Aja,” Henry’s latest release, opens with the vocals of singer Amar center stage. Her impassioned Hindi vocals float gracefully above a soundscape that’s otherwise oddly quiet for one of Henry's productions.

But, 20 seconds in, a short, emphatic roll of percussion welcomes the heart of the song. Here, Amar’s vocals dance with dramatic Indian flutes while bass lines roar and a tambourine rattles in the background. Wonky and spirited yet tinged with grace and sensuous appeal, it’s signature TroyBoi.

While Henry often expresses his love for world music in interviews, “Aja Aja” marks his first full-fledged dive into his Indian heritage (his mother was born and raised in India). Past releases, like the Hindi titled “Laalach,” were brought to life with Indian instruments but “Aja Aja” is Henry’s first single to feature Hindi lyrics.

“Aja Aja” follows last month’s bass-heavy track “Mmmm.” With a limited touring schedule after the conclusion of his Nostalgia Tour late last year, it appears Henry is busy working on new music. Recent posts from his Instagram are spattered with teasers of unreleased songs from his Miami studio, plus a clip working with British duo Snakehips

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