Known for his fashion modeling and performances, Shanghai producer Tsunano (real name Jaeson Tsu Liu) is back for then new year with a solo single titled "Educational." 

Blending electro funk, reggae and hip-hop, "Educational" follows up Liu's 2019 collaboration with Parisian bass king Aazar. The track, "Doors," has already reached over two million streams in China. 

"Educational" combines grimy funk with Liu's smooth vocals, giving the track a hip, clubby feel. Its minor melodic chord progression adds drama to a flickering bass line and danceable drop. While Liu has primarily stuck to production in the past, working for artists such as Chris Lee and Momo Wu, "Educational" showcases his voice flowing through the song's spoken-word verse.  

Out now through Universal Music France, the track is accompanied by an original music video. It was shot in the streets of Hong Kong, creating a nighttime urban vibe matching the song. 

One of the few Chinese artists to ever perform at Tomorrowland, Liu is quickly gaining recognition in Asia for his upbeat, groove-infused production style. Known throughout the fashion world, he's performed for iconic fashion brands like Isabel Marant and Diesel in addition to posing in several magazines. "Educational" serves as his foray into a solo electronic music career.