TWO LANES just released their first single on San Holo’s bitbird label, an emotional cut titled “Wide Awake.” Over the past couple of years, the brotherly duo introduced the world to their unique, ethereal style of electronic music and managed to build a solid fan base. 2019 marked the release of their debut EP, Drifting, which was filled with analogue synthesizer sounds, organic atmospheres, and catchy vocal lines.

“Wide Awake,” a great blend of acoustic and digital instruments, marks the next step in TWO LANES’ emotional narrative. Part of an EP that has been made in the brothers’ home studio in Berlin, the single starts off with a reversed guitar sample over distant drums and vocal chops before quickly transitioning into a catchy series of piercing synths and detailed production.

“This EP reflects our current creative phase at the moment where we try to incorporate new ways of making music into our tracks,” shared TWO LANES in a joint statement about their process. “We are using more analogue synthesizers now than we used to and also record more live instruments. Having mostly audio tracks in your project - as supposed to midi - feels very freeing and makes the process more beautiful and unpredictable.”

Since they launched their project in early 2018, TWO LANES have been consistently progressing and showcasing their classy production style in a number of different genres. 2020 marks a new era for the duo, as “Wide Awake” marks the first single off an EP they’ll be releasing with bitbird.