Berlin-based duo twocolors have been stirring things up with some ethereal, highly-danceable new music as of late. Fresh off the release of their deep house earworm "Never Done This," twocolors are now back with a fresh yet familiar new single. 

Covering The Cardigans' classic 1990s hit "Lovefool," twocolors put a unique and modern spin on the song with their deep house rework. Dancing on the borderline between pop and house music, "Lovefool" delivers melodic bliss while keeping heads bobbing along to its soothing, bouncy groove. 

Brimming with bass and synth stabs that effectively guide the vocal work along through the choruses, twocolors' take on "Lovefool" brings the 90s to mind while keeping things in line with the sound of 2020. 

“We didn’t just want to do a cover by adding a beat and speeding it up," the duo tells "Our goal was to reinterpret ​‘Lovefool,' coming up with a cool guitar riff, a driving bass line, and highlighting the melancholy.”

Guaranteed to be on repeat for house heads and those seeking the nostalgic feeling of a simpler time alike, "Lovefool" is set to be a summertime anthem for the year and beyond. 

twocolors' "Lovefool" is officially releasing on Friday, May 8th via Virgin Records.