Ty Dolla $ign is kicking off his third studio album with a bang, enlisting the help of Skrillex, Kanye West, and FKA Twigs for "Ego Death." When artists of this caliber get together on a track, you know a behemoth of a single is upon us, and all the chefs in the kitchen came together to collaborate on the ultimate club track.

The single immediately smack us in the face with the 90s house sample of Ultra Nate's "Free," leading into the infectious bass progression that will guide us through the rest of the track. It channels the energy West laid down in his 2016 song "Fade," as Dolla $ign's signature, smooth vocals deliver the self-esteem bruised croons. 

When West takes the mic, he throws down timely lines like, "One in four get locked up, your girlfriend get knocked up / Plan B was they Plan A to lower the count of our families / To lower the count on our damn votes." FKA Twigs rounds out the track with her captivatingly delicate vocals, which feature a sample of Queen Latifah's "Dance for Me." As a cherry on top, one of Oakland's finest, Bobby Brackins, is credited as a writer on "Ego Death" along with blossoming experimental pop artist serpentwithfeet.

Ty Dolla $ign chatted with Zane Lowe of Apple Music today to discuss the new song, which you can watch below.

You can download or stream "Ego Death" on your favorite platform here


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