TYNAN has whipped up yet another insane track with his latest release "FMSU." 

In usual TYNAN fashion, "FMSU" makes use of otherworldly sound design and thrashing percussion to unleash hell on listeners. The haunting intro is unrelenting, making use of hollow, eerie effects and distorted samples that sound as if they're leading his fans to their doom.The track builds into teetering synths, wihch eventually transform into distinctive sonic elements unique to TYNAN that are as impressive as they are intimidating.

TYNAN has undoubtedly mastered his sound and it only gets more and more creative with each release. Longtime fans will certainly be pleased with "FMSU," as it speaks to his artistry as a whole.

TYNAN first made waves on SoundCloud, where he released numerous unique remixes, such as his flip of "Closer" by The Chainsmokers and "Get Low" by Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz. More recently, he collaborated with Jauz on their track "Bring Em Back" as well as remixed "Potions" by SLANDER and Said The Sky and "Digital" by PhaseOne. TYNAN has shown on numerous occasions that he can't be held down by any single genre and knows how to flip the script to keep listeners engaged. 


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