While the days of summer are beginning to dwindle down, that doesn't mean there has to be shortage of songs to add to your summer playlist. One song that definitely deserves a go around on any summer playlist is Vicetone's latest track.  The House Duo have paired with vocalist Meron Ryan to give us the upbeat track titled "Walk Thru Fire".  

Fans of the group will feel right at home with Walk Thru Fire. Some of the group's trademark hooks are on full display throughout the track. The track starts out with reverb drenched riff which is soon accompanied by Meron Ryan's soulful voice. 

 It builds up into a beautiful drop that can only be regarded as a distinct "Vicetone drop". Straight to the point, yet melodic and incredibly effective. Vicetone have a knack for arranging beautiful melodies in a song and Walk Thru Fire is no different.  The track is brought to us by Monstercat and can be found on all streaming platforms now. 

If you haven't had a chance to listen to the track, it can be found below. 

To keep up with Vicetone, you can find all of their appropriate links below.

What do you guys think? Are you loving this new track from Vicetone? 





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