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Manhattan-based VILLA's musical journey began at only six years old, when her early love for the viola inspired an innate interest for poetry and creative writing. Now, the female trap producer's focal mission is to break down stigmas and stereotypes commonly surrounding mental illness. To convey these intentions through sonics, heavy-hitting bass is coupled with soothing melodies to produce emotional ballads centered around self-love.

VILLA has unveiled her debut single "All Inside" via Elysian Records. Featuring Alexis Donn, "All Inside" is a powerful anthem that aspires to promote hope in listeners with mental health issues. Alexis Donn experiences an intense battle with mental illness, heightened by a nervous system condition called POTS—a disorder that makes it challenging for proper blood flow circulation.

When initially conceptualizing the track, VILLA knew she wanted to collaborate with Alexis. "Anxiety has controlled my life for as long as I can remember," said VILLA. "I knew if anyone was going to understand the importance of this topic, it was going to be Alexis."

"All Inside" introduces soothing synths, which soon meet Donn's euphonious and captivating vocals. Throughout three minutes, an impressive collection of sounds, such as hard-hitting horns and percussion, encapsulate the broad emotional range that may be induced by anxiety.

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The lyrics are meant to inspire security and hopefulness to overcome emotional struggles. In an exclusive joint quote provided to, VILLA and Donn shared that they not only wanted to give a voice to those battling mental illness, but also wanted to shine a hopeful light on it. 

[We wanted] to highlight the compassion it can bring out in those who help pull you through it, the innate beauty in a person that can't fade despite their struggle. Each one of us truly is 'broken and mismatched,' a soul of stained glass, still beautiful.







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