Longtime hip-hop, grime, and dubstep fans were upset after one of the most prolific groups in the community, Foreign Beggars, announced their split earlier this year in May. The group, which consists of four members, spent 17 years pioneering grime and blending together forms of hip-hop with bass music. Today, fans can rejoice as Pav (real name Pavan Mukhi), also known as Orifice Vulgatron, debuted his solo project Vulgatron with the new track “Deadman,” out now on Never Say Die

"Deadman" which was produced by Mark The Beast (real name Mark Evans) and Nitepunk (real name Lasha Mamulashvili), sets the bar high for new hip-hop and bass music to come. Mukhi's amped-up energy paired with signature deep bass lines creates an atmosphere any bass music lover can appreciate. 

The music video which accompanies the track was premiered by UKF and immediately grabbed the attention of fans within hours of its release. The video shows off exemplary special effects and over-the-top animations of Mukhi dressed in cyberpunk attire and rapping along to his song. Fans have commented showing support for his Vulgatron solo project, as well as expressing sadness over the Foreign Beggar's split. 

For fans who can't get enough, "Deadman" was also remixed by Montreal DJ/Producer Krimer (real name Simon Bertrand). Bertrand takes a heavier bass approach, giving his own twist on the already dark, and unsettling track.

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While his next move is not yet known, Mukhi has certainly made a standout impression with his first solo track as Vulgatron. He will make his last show appearance with Foreign Beggars at the end of 2019, which they have stated will be their last performance ever.

Stream or download Vulgatron's new single "Deadman" out now on Never Say Die.

Vulgatron Deadman Artwork


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