Well known for their arena-rocking beats, Dutch big room duo W&W (real names Willem van Hanegem and Ward van der Harst) have provided some of the genre's most memorable anthems like "Arcade Mammoth" and "Live The Night." Now, the duo have joined forces with fellow Dutchman Sandro Silva and Zafrir for their next single, "Wizard Of The Beats".

The spellbinding new production sits nicely among Wvan Hanegem and van der Harst's extensive discography, expanding on a sound on which the duo have had a tremendous influence. With the help of Silva and Zafrir, they've taken this production to new heights within the genre of big room house.

Packed with anthemic stabs and plenty of reverb, "Wizard" builds a catchy earworm of a melody into a four-on-the-floor beat that packs a serious punch. Destined to be among the most memorable big room house tracks of the year, if not the decade, "Wizard Of The Beats" is sure to leave fans more than satisfied. 

The new collaboration is the first between W&W and Sandro Silva. Zafrir's added touch on the entrancing vocal sections enlisted the help of a choir to fill the track out nicely. Combining the talents of all these big room heavyweights proves that an all-star roster can still achieve perfect chemistry. 

"Wizard Of The Beats" is out now.

H/t: We Rave You


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