Electronic producer Whethan has become the king of teasing new music on Twitter. His latest single, "So Good" featuring bülow, was announced just last week on the platform. Out today via Atlantic Records, the track is part of his forthcoming debut album, FANTASY.

"So Good" is yet another demonstration of Whethan's talent for arranging complex synths in new and creative ways, using pitch, bass beats, and carefully curated vocalist selection to artfully craft the track. The best example of this is his use of a heavy bass saw thumping just often enough to drive the song forward and keep it grounded, but not often enough to feel like run-of-the-mill EDM. 

With a slower pace and hip-hop influences, "So Good" is also an example of Whethan's proficiency at producing for a vocalist. At only 20, he's already worked with a number of high-profile bands, including Rage Against the Machine and Portugal. the Man, and partnered with solo artists Charli XCX, Oh Wonder, Tom Morello and Elohim, among others. In this latest song, bülow is the star, with her voice adding a soft and sexy addition to its controlled chaos. 

Whethan's work on "So Good" serves as our fourth preview of his upcoming album. So far the tracks have all included different influences, with "Upside Down" featuring Grouplove incorporating the band's signature feel-good vibe, "All In My Head" featuring grandson pulling from rock & roll, and "Stay Forever" featuring STRFKR returning to Whethan's signature dreamy, electronic roots. Despite the distinctly different vibes, all are ingrained with the artist's signature touch, further carving out his voice as one of dance music's most promising producers. 

Needless to say, Whethan's future is looking brighter than ever. 


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