Originally released last November, "Told Ya" by WHIPPED CREAM (real name Caroline Cecil) and Lil Xan (real name Nicholas Diego Leanos) sees Cecil do what we previously thought was impossible. Topping the edgy electro-rap fusion of the original, the Canadian dance powerhouse released a VIP mix with a trap drop as well as an even wilder accompanying music video. 

Out via Big Beat Records, the VIP mix is a worthy companion to the original. It maintains the rap banger feel of the first release, while adding Cecil's signature electronic flavor for an explosive twist. Dark and suspenseful, the "Told Ya" VIP is poised to make waves on the dance floor this winter. 

The accompanying music video capitalizes on the fast-paced, visually pleasing nature of the original cut. Swedish artist Pastelae put a captivating spin on it by inverting all the colors, making for a neon pink and purple jungle wonderland. 

More popular in the EDM genre, a VIP (or variation in production) remix is a flip by the original producer, sometimes distributed to a select group of DJs for use in live shows. "Told Ya" is Cecil's first released VIP mix, but the future may see more remixes of her original tracks popping up in her own sets and in those of her DJ friends. Recently featured on Billboard Dance's "Ones to Watch" list, the new year is set to be huge for our favorite trap queen. 


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