William Black and RØRY Open Up About Addiction in “Drown The Sky”

The latest release off Trap Nation’s Lowly. is William Black and RØRY’s insightful take on sobriety.
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Known for his vulnerable explorations into sensitive, taboo subjects, William Black is back again with another meaningful, heartfelt release. This time, he is joined by U.K.-based vocalist RØRY (real name Roxanne Emery) to bring us the raw, emotion-packed single “Drown The Sky” via Lowly..

Inspired by Black's moments of clarity on the path to sobriety, “Drown The Sky” is a passionate and insightful look into the struggles of addiction. “Right before I got sober, I had this moment where I finally realized that I couldn’t go on with all the pain I was causing to myself, and more importantly, those who cared for me,” he revealed. “In that moment I finally wanted to change.”

Having a similar history, RØRY was a perfect fit as a vocalist on the track. “RØRY had recently gotten sober and we connected having been through such a similar experience despite our different backgrounds,” Black continued. “The hope is that ‘Drown The Sky’ helps others to know they’re not alone and that there is a way forward."

Black’s relatable lyrics have resonated with listeners globally, earning his 2018 Universe EP a #1 spot on the iTunes Dance Chart. His heart-wrenching sound has also earned him the support of Illenium, one of EDM’s most well-known and emotion-provoking producers. Between being featured on Spotify and Apple’s top subscribed-to playlists and playing support for Adventure Club, Dabin, and Illenium’s separate tours, Black’s distinct, tasteful sound will continue to bring meaning to all who listen. 

Up next, fans can expect an official music video for “Drown The Sky." Black will also be playing as support on Illenium’s Fall 2019 Ascend Tour, which includes tour stops across the United States. For all ticketing and tour information, visit here

The LA.-.based producer has also announced a full-length album to be released soon.

Stream or download William Black's "Drown The Sky" today. 


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